Frequently Asked Questions


Where can Bemedia work?

We work everywhere—domestically and internationally.

How long does it take for the Bemedia engineering process?

Typically, Bemedia factors at least 2 weeks to design and engineer a system into any given project. This will include engineering the Facility impact Drawings. These drawings ensure that other trades, such as the EC, will have drawings available that outline electrical and conduit requirements for the system for current and future reference.

Do the racks get built on-site or in the shop?

Building a rack is part of our Shop Fabrication period. Depending on the size of the project, this process could take between one week to four weeks. All racks are built with all necessary power requirements and equipment in our production facility. They are then programmed and tested before being placed in shipping crates and prepared to ship to the site.

Does Bemedia Install the system or do they hire local contractors?

Bemedia only uses its own technical staff. Each project will have to be touched by multiple disciplines, including Level 1-3 installation technicians, PM during Prewire, a commissioning team, a lighting programmer, and a control system programmer.

Does Bemedia provide training? When does that training happen?

Once the system has been commissioned and programmed and completed to our standards, prior to the turnover date, we provide training to client appointed staff members.

Will Bemedia offer support during the opening day?

Yes. We will always have someone on-site to assist on opening day/night.

Does Bemedia offer any kind of preventive maintenance program?

Yes; however, this plan is neither required nor necessary. Once the system settles in and management requested modifications are complete, your team will be fully trained to use and maintain the system.

What is your warranty period?

Bemedia offers a one year warranty on labor and equipment. Furthermore, the Bemedia warranty will manage and facilitate the service equipment warranties provided by manufacturers, which typically an additional 2 years.

Does Bemedia support service calls and other technical issues?

In the past 20 years, Bemedia has worked to build an impressive service infrastructure with freelance technical staff, both nationally and internationally. With our project documentation level from the Facility Impact Drawings, as well as system Oneliners and Service PC, we can remotely pinpoint issues and address them either remotely via connectivity to the system or by sending a local technician partner to address the issue. Our service ticketing system will allow us to track these issues and help us remain diligent in addressing the issues in a timely manner.

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