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AV in Los Angeles

Bemedia is your complete AV partner.

At Bemedia, our focus is on helping clients differentiate themselves in guest experience using AV in Los Angeles and across the country. We understand that in order to be successful, your AV system should elevate your environment, without overwhelming those in or around it.

  • Guest Experience
  • Ease of Use
  • Guest Attentiveness

Bemedia’s Systems Integration package includes:

  • Designing a system that brings your vision to life
  • Procurement & fabrication of the highest quality equipment selected for your specific space, needs, and budget
  • Dedicated on-site Bemedia project management
  • Thorough communication with all parties including electricians, architects, and GCs
  • Bemedia’s team of highly skilled technicians and programmers
  • Comprehensive systems commissioning and testing
  • Onsite systems training and ongoing support

Project Phases

Ongoing Support

At Bemedia, we take pride in our reputation for exceptional support. As a result, our AV project list is largely made up of repeat clients. We make the success of your business our top priority.

Bemedia as your AV partner can provide:

  • Ongoing support by the Bemedia technical support team in our corporate office
  • Warranty Management
  • Remote troubleshooting through thorough system Documentation
  • One year full system, service, and equipment guarantee

Things to consider before starting your next AV project:

What features and attractions will your location have?

Does your business offer food and beverage? Bowling? Outdoor lounge areas? The earlier we understand your unique space, the sooner we can design an AV program that’s right for you.

What’s the size of your location?

Knowing the square footage of your space is essential for designing the appropriate lighting and sound systems so your guests will have the best possible experience.

What is your timeline?

Is your space already under construction? Do you have a year or more to plan? Or are you somewhere in between?

Dynamic Systems Integration

We don't just design your custom AV systems. We give you the best management tools in the industry.

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Working with Bemedia comes with the luxury of working with one team, from collaboration to completion, to mitigate gaps and preserve your vision.